Trench Heating

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Verano Trench heating

Trench heating is the perfect solution for areas where conventional heating is not possible, such as rooms with large areas of glass. The natural convection versions work perfectly to provide an air curtian, battling cold downdrafts from windows. Whereas the forced air (silent fan assisted) versions are designed to provide whole room heating, with minimal lengths. Designed for ease of installation, our trench heating starts at just 7.5cm depth, and is perfect for retro-fit purposes, as well as new installations. Again, with many models in this section, bespoke units are always possible. If you see something you like, but it doesn't quite fit the bill, please call us on 08450 580 540 or email us on and we will be able to discuss a near limitless range of options with you.

Verano Trenches are supplied with a Low-H2O heat exchanger, reacting extremely quickly to every temperature fluctuation. As they can also be set into the floor, they can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating systems. In Spring or Autumn, the Verano Trench will totally fulfil the need for warmth. In the heating season, they will provide quick temperature corrections. Hence, the Verano Trench stands for better warmth emission and comfort, and uses significantly less energy.

The extremely Low water content of our Verano Trench also means that they are the perfect partner for heat source pumps and eco-energy systems.