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Traditional Designer Radiators

In many cases, our clients want to incorporate a design of radiator suited to the styling of a particular room or to retain the style of a property. At RadiatorShowroom, we have a range of traditional radiators to suit most applications. Whether you are looking for a looking to renovate a Victorian property, or you are looking at a more ambitious project such as an old church conversion, we can assure you that we will have something.

Our range of suppliers have something for every era, style and taste. Should you be looking for a more period look from your radiators, but would prefer to use steel, our ranges of tubular multicolumn radiators are available in virtually every height and width and can be produced to your bespoke requirements.

Please feel free to call us on 08450 580 540 or email us at and let us do the work in selecting the perfect solution for your heating requirements.

Clarendon Piccadilly Shaftesbury Bartholomew.tmb Churchill.tmb Classic Column
Clarendon - NEW! Picadilly - NEW! Shaftesbury - NEW! Bartholomew Churchill Classic Column
horiz-column.tmb horiz-column.tmb 4-column-radiators-with-feet.tmb 4-column-radiators-with-feet.tmb e-classic.tmb Edwardian.tmb
Column Horizontal Column Horizontal - Colours Column With Feet Column With Feet - Colours E-Classic Edwardian 4
Edwardian 6.tmb Gothic Kensington.tmb Montpellier MultiSec.tmb Anthrasec.tmb
Edwardian 6 Gothic Kensington Montpellier Multi Sec Anthra Sec
Classico Radiator New Liberty Radiator Oxford.tmb Peta.tmb Pimlico Rex
Classico Liberty Oxford Peta Pimlico Rex
rs-ornate.tmb rs-victorian.tmb Saint Paul.tmb RMC Swatch Burlington vert-column.tmb
Rs Ornate Rs Victorian Saint Paul Bespoke Columns   Vertical Column
vert-column.tmb Victoriana 3 Victoriana 4.tmb Victorian 9 acova-multi.tmb Chrome Classic tmb
Vertical Column - Colours Victoriana 3 Victoriana 4 Victoriana 9 Zehnder Charleston