We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.
We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.

Replace Your Radiators And Makeover Your Home

If you're looking to makeover your home, don't neglect your central heating radiators. Even if your existing units are still serviceable, installing new radiators with modern designs can help transform you home into that special place.

If you regard central heating radiators as functional necessities that cramp a room's style, you're in for a surprise. Over the last few decades, central heating radiators have undergone a transformation in both function and form. Through the use of new materials and the creation of a dazzling variety of designs, the modern radiator can now be truly a thing of beauty. Welcome to the world of the modern central heating radiator where the way it enhances the beauty of your home is as important as how well it heats it.

Just 20 years ago if you went to buy a radiator your purchasing criterion (if you gave it any thought) was probably 'as long as it's white and doesn't clash too much with the carpets or wallpaper'.

Nowadays you can choose, say, a slim line radiator fixed vertically that seems to cascade down your wall in a flow of glowing steel. Or perhaps you'd prefer a classic, cast iron style that could grace even a Victorian cottage? Visit a modern radiator showroom online and you'll find a vast range of designer radiators or traditional radiators to choose from.

For one thing, you now have a range of materials to select from. You can still get the classic cast iron radiator which has a warmth and period charm all of its own and adds that touch of authenticity. But if you prefer something more modern then aluminium can give a matchless blend of style and efficiency. Then there are tubular steel radiators. These are malleable and so can be worked into any nook or cranny.

And radiators don't have to be white. In fact they can be any colour you want. Popular choices are silver effect, gunmetal effect, distressed copper effect, anthracite black, and chrome finish. But don't let this limit you. Most suppliers can offer the full range of Dulux trade colours. And make sure you get a heated towel warmer too.

It's a must for the modern bathroom.

So if you want to transform your home in a way that is totally you, check out the range of central heating radiators available. Online catalogues can make browsing and selecting your new radiators a snap.

But after choosing your radiator, it's good to talk to an expert before placing your order. Installing new radiators is an important project and the human tough is vital for your satisfaction.