We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.
We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.

Remake Your New Home With Trendy Central Heating Radiators

If you've just moved into a home with central heating that's a few years old, you should look into upgrading the system. Providing the boiler and pump are in good order, then the smart move would be just to replace your radiators. Not only will this make your home warmer and more energy efficient, but if you choose correctly, it could transform the whole ambience of the place and help create your dream home.

Central heating radiators have undergone something of a renaissance in the last decade or so. In line with people's aspirations to create beautiful and unique homes that match their taste and lifestyle, the radiator has not been forgotten. Indeed, it has become something of a work of art it itself. Here's a rundown of some cool radiators styles you can choose from to revamp your new home.

Firstly, there the matter of materials. No longer are you restricted to cast iron. Now you have the option of stylish modern radiators made of stainless steel or aluminium. Not only are they timelessly fashionable, but they are non-corrosive and are easy to clean and take care of. And if you do want the warmth and classic look of cast iron, that's still available, too.

Then there are the colours. It's no longer a case of 'you can have any colour you want as long as it's white (or grey)'. The modern showroom boasts radiators in a whole spectrum of colours, including the the full range of Dulux trade colours.

But perhaps the most exciting changes in radiators have been those of design. Not longer are your restricted to the ubiquitous rectangular slab. You can choose from straight or curved units, horizontal or vertical mounted, industrial or avant garde. Shapes include tube, column and hoop.

This tremendous range of materials, colours and designs allow you total freedom to get radiators that match your wall and floor colors and the amount of floor space available. In other words, you have total control over your home environment.

Selecting online is a smart move as it allows you to see the whole range of designs in one place. But after choosing your radiator, it's good to talk to an expert before placing your order. Installing new radiators is an important project and the human tough is vital for your satisfaction.