Showroom visits by appointment. Please call 023 9269 6622. Usually available in 15 minutes.
Showroom visits by appointment. Please call 023 9269 6622. Usually available in 15 minutes.

Custom designed radiators are now an affordable option for home owners. Visit Radiator Showroom and you’ll find a wealth of designer choices in a variety of colours, styles, materials and sizes, or design your own to fit the space perfectly.

Radiators ­Well Within the Budget

When you move into a new house with big plans to renovate and introduce your own style making the decision to upgrade the radiators generally gets put aside as it’s seen as too much of a large expense on top of everything else that has to be paid for at the time. Relying on our central heating for warmth and comfort we have always viewed the system as having a functional purpose and just accepted the fact that it has to be there even if it can be bulky and often in the way.

However, the days of the traditional, heavy white radiators are long gone, just take a look around and you’ll discover there are an interesting and creative array of designer products to choose from. They are now made to be functional and to be admired, forget about hiding them away behind the sofa or enclosed in one of those awful cabinets, instead choose one of beauty and style and show it off! Designer radiators are in fashion and you don’t want to get left behind, they’re a definite way to add style and a certain type of glamour to your home.

Whatever you choose to warm your home in the cold winter months, central heating or electric radiators made from cast iron, aluminium or steel, there are all kinds available in a wide range of styles from the traditional and classical look to contemporary and modern ­ making the choice to go with a designer radiator means you can find something to fit in with your particular taste and suit its environment.

Many people don’t want the added cost of investing in new radiators as they estimate the costs to be excessive and well out of their budget. However prices have come down a lot in the past few years and are now affordable and economical, particularly when you consider how important a function they have. Take the time to visit your local DIY and home improvement store to get an idea of prices, you’ll be amazed at what can be found for your money - they are a lot more affordable than they used to be so it’s worth looking into.

Available in all kinds of styles they can be custom made depending on your needs. You can choose the design, function and colour, even if you want it finished in a particular fashion. Design a different look for every room to fit where it looks best, and you’ll be amazed at the range of materials used in manufacturing.

When choosing contemporary and modern designs choose for yourself the size you require, if you need something small enough to fit under a window or inside an alcove or window bay it’s all possible. Designs are so funky that they even look good as the focal point in a room, or hung as a piece of art ­ a designer radiator is designed to suit the room so it really is up to you.

The Chrome Classic is a timeless piece that is an enhancement in any room it’s placed in, with its chrome exterior it’s a sophisticated and sleek piece of furniture. Finn is another modern product available in white and aluminium, featuring clean simple lines it can be bought in two styles, the low version is suited for placing under windows whilst the tall version can be hung vertically making it ideal in rooms with limited wall space.

The Cubic has an interesting texture and look with satin anodised aluminium squares and intersecting lines that form a grid creating a graceful design. Or particularly sleek is the Tekne in chrome that has an effortless grace about it with its no-nonsense smooth lines and reflective surface.

A favourite is the Hot Hoop which is a clever design of steel coils that wind around themselves and look as they are named ­ like a hoop. Available in white, aluminium, lilac, stainless steel lustre finish and a stainless steel mirror finish it’s a complete move away from the traditional forms that radiators generally take and the idea really makes you think ‘out of the box’.

Choosing designer radiators over any other kind will add appeal to your home and make it attractive to potential buyers now or in the future. Worth the extra money they are still affordable particularly if you buy online where prices are low, service is good and delivery fast.