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Output Calculator

Please find below our heat output calculator which is designed to assist you in establishing your heat output requirements and to help you choose radiators that will not only look fantastic, but will also provide you with the warmth you need. Whilst this calculator is a useful tool, please bear in mind that the suggested outputs offered should only be used as a guide and may not take into account all factors relating to your particular requirements. We encourage you to use this calculator, but also to use a degree of judgement as to whether the calculated output will be appropriate for your requirements and the way you personally use your heating.


Outputs on our website are based on either a Delta T (Δ) of 50°C or 60°C dependent on the manufacturer's published figures. These are calculations based on the working output of your boiler offering a room temperature of 20°C. Older boilers can use a higher output of 90°C flow temperature in which you would use the Delta T of 60°C, whereas newer boilers operate at 75°C flow temperature for which you will need to use the figures based on a Delta T of 50°C. The correction factor for these figures is multiplied or divided by 1.264

Should you wish to look into this in more detail, Please click here.