Faral Longo Radiators

£190.00 £238.00


The Faral Vertical Longo cast aluminium radiator provides aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance as well as the highest heat output you can achieve from any radiator of similiar width.

This elegant vertical style of radiator is the most energy efficient low water content radiator available on the market today.

Sophisticated in style, light in weight, easy to handle and install each section of the Faral vertical longo radiator has a width and depth of 80mm.

FARAL LONGO1442MM240MM80MM36872344
FARAL LONGO1442MM320MM80MM49163125
FARAL LONGO1442MM400MM80MM511453907
FARAL LONGO1442MM480MM80MM613744688
FARAL LONGO1442MM560MM80MM716035469
FARAL LONGO1442MM640MM80MM818326251
FARAL LONGO1642MM240MM80MM37592590
FARAL LONGO1642MM320MM80MM410123453
FARAL LONGO1642MM400MM80MM512654316
FARAL LONGO1642MM480MM80MM615185179
FARAL LONGO1642MM560MM80MM717716043
FARAL LONGO1642MM640MM80MM820246906
FARAL LONGO1842MM240MM80MM38282825
FARAL LONGO1842MM320MM80MM411043767
FARAL LONGO1842MM400MM80MM513804709
FARAL LONGO1842MM480MM80MM616565650
FARAL LONGO1842MM560MM80MM719326592
FARAL LONGO1842MM640MM80MM822087534
FARAL LONGO2000MM240MM80MM38973061
FARAL LONGO2000MM320MM80MM411964081
FARAL LONGO2000MM400MM80MM514955101
FARAL LONGO2000MM480MM80MM617946121
FARAL LONGO2000MM560MM80MM720937141
FARAL LONGO2000MM640MM80MM823928162
Height 1442MM
Width 240MM
SECTIONS 3 Sections
Watts 687 W
BTU 2344 B