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Designer Rads and Stylish Radiators

Here in this section, we display our most unique stylish radiators from the site.

These stylish radiators have been chosen for their one off design, function, range of colours and special finishes, such as powder coated, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished aluminium and anodised aluminium.

Many of the designer rads here are available in bespoke sizes and colours and encompass many materials normally associated with constructing central heating radiators. Should you find a model here fitting your particular tastes, but not available in a size or finish you require, or rather than a central heating radiator, you require a dual fuel or electric designer radiator, please give us a call on 08450 580 540 or email us at

In many cases, the craftsmen who create these products for us can arrange for a special piece to be produced to your specifications. As well as the extensive range of stylish radiators we offer on this page, you may consider taking a look at our other ranges within our stainless steel, aluminium and contemporary designer rads or visit us at our showroom based in Hilsea, Portsmouth.

elite-eco-ver-445- elliptic-ver-395-white elvino-ver-370-eloksal envoy-ver-400-grey karo-ver-340-black monza-ver-375-black
Elite Elliptic Elvino Envoy Karo Monza
nemo-ver-470-white nixie-hor-1045-black otto-ver-315-white oval-ver-400-white- play-ver-375-eloksal Quadro-white
Nemo Nixie Otto Oval Play Quadro
Gong.tmb Ovale Vertical tmb Ovale Horizontal tmb Cassius horizontal.tmb Cassius Horizontal ShopCassius vertical.tmb Profile swatch
Gong Ovale Vertical *Best seller* Ovale Horizontal*Best Seller* Cassius Horizontal Cassius Vertical Profile
step-ver-375-white tubo-ver-340-white vesta-ver-370-grey wave-ver-495-eloksal elvinobath-800-black nixiebath-ver-1800-black
Step Tubo Vesta Wave Elvino Bath Nixie Bath
CLIFF Barren Stone hinge bracket100 woody.tmb ALU-ZEN 5 Mars Stone tmb Mars Stone tmb Mars Stone tmb

Eskimo Cliff

Woody Alu-Zen Cosy Art Electric Cosy Art Central Heating Cosy Art Dual Fuel
spekkio0 bamboo0 evolution0 onde0 circle0 wall1
Spekkio Bamboo Bamboo Evolution Onde Circle Wall
camelia1 salice1 ribes0 trama3 mosaico0 Chime.tmb
Camelia Salice Ribes Trama Mosaico Chime
Landmark swatch Leggy.tmb therme Room Ellisse.tmb Svelte.tmb Setsquare tmb
Landmark Leggy Ron Karim Rashid Elisse Svelte Setsquare
Seta closeup tmb Milwalkee Millenium tube B Squared Blok.tmb liedown.tmb
Seta Milwaukee Millenium Tube B Squared Blok Lie Down
getup.tmb hot-hoop.tmb Hot Spring Canyon1 Bryce detail (2) oblong.tmb
Get Up Hot Hoop Hot Spring Canyon Bryce Oblong
Actus alfa altima.tmb altima-exclusive.tmb Convector.tmb B Squared
Actus Alpha Altima Altima Exclusive Convector B Squared
Canyon.tmb Carr Round Carr horizontal.tmb Carre Round.tmb Carr Vertical.tmb Crea Therm
Canyon Carré Half Round Carré Horizontal Carré Round Carré Vertical Crea Therm
hot-hoop.tmb Hot Spring Fin.tmb Finn tmb mpc.tmb Integras
Hot Hoop Hot Spring Fin Finn MPC Integras
Lavian.tmb milano.tmb Millenium tube mkc16.tmb mkv16.tmb Moderne
Lavian Milano Millenium Tube MKC 16 MKV 16 Moderne
PIENZA.tmb primula.tmb Motif Niva Stainless.tmb Niva Lacquered.tmb Niva Soft.tmb
Pienza Primula Motif Niva Vertical Stainless Niva Horizontal Lacquered Niva Soft
Xcite.tmb Ovale Horizontal tmb Ovale Vertical tmb Refresh.tmb Palmari.tmb Parallel.tmb
Xcite Ovale Horizontal Ovale Vertical Refresh Palmari Parallel
Revive Horizontal.tmb Revive Mirror.tmb ReviveVertical.tmb Revive Wave.tmb Rounde Horizontal tmb. Rounde.tmb
Revive Horizontal Revive Mirror Revive Vertical Revive Wave Rounde Horizontal Rounde Vertical
Savy.tmb Seta closeup tmb Setsquare tmb Sloane.tmb rt.tmb rtchrome
Savy Seta Setsquare Sloane Status Status Chrome
orangeron tmb tif.tmb trc13.tmb trc-20-squared.tmb Utopia.tmb volcano.tmb
Ron Tif TRC 13 TRC 20 Squared Utopia Volcano