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Planning a visit? Please call 023 9269 6622.

Central Heating: Tips to Help You Get the Right Designer Radiators

Installing a central heating system with designer radiators offers you a whole range of benefits. You get a more beautiful home, you save money through increased efficiency and the value of your home rises. But how do you go about choosing the perfect radiators for your home? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

First you need to be sure about your needs and requirements. Before approaching a supplier or even surveying the market for designer radiators, you need to define your needs. If it's a new installation, you have to be sure your radiator has the capacity (heat output) to be able to effectively heat the room or space in question. Factors influencing this are the surface, situation, and the isolation of the room. Professional help from a specialist plumber or heating technician is advisable at this stage.

If you want a rough guide, you can calculate the size of your required radiator yourself. Here's a rough and ready way to do it. First you need to determine the desired temperature of your room. This will range from 15 degrees for bedrooms to 23 degrees for bathrooms. Then you have to estimate the heat loss from your rooms. This depends on the room's orientation and the number of windows.

As an example, for bedrooms, multiply the volume of the room (in cubic feet) by four. Deduct 10% for double glazing add 15% for a north facing room and add 20% for French windows. The resulting figure is the desired output (in British Thermal Units) for the radiator in that room. If you want to carry out these calculations yourself, you can get more detailed guides from your heating consultant or find them on the internet.

Next there's the matter of choosing your supplier. You need to look for a supplier with a proven track record. He should offer an extensive online catalogue. The supplier should offer all the premier British designer radiator brands such as MHS Radiators, Bisque Radiators, Aestus, Vogue, Radiating Style and The Radiator Company. You should make sure the company offers a broad range of heights and widths and heat outputs. Colour choices are also important. And most importantly, the firm should be able to produce exclusive designs that appeal to you. Another factor you need to consider is the availability of matching accessories such as towel rails.

If you've decided to enhance the beauty and value of your home by adding or replacing designer radiators, it's time to look at some designs online. Browsing at online designer radiator showrooms makes this an easy and convenient operation. Be sure to choose some designs and colours that you feel will suit your home. Then contact the supplier to discuss such practicalities as availability, pricing and delivery times and procedures. Then, get ready for a new home, transformed through the beauty and efficiency of designer radiators.