Planning a visit? Please call 023 9269 6622.
Planning a visit? Please call 023 9269 6622.


Sorry. Another song title, although I am talking about summer again. In truth, it probably isn't all over. We'll hopefully have a short seasonal blip at some point in September where people will be rushing to the sheds to pick up half price barbecues...
Hello, we thought we'd tackle a slightly thorny issue with radiators today. Heat outputs.
Whilst they are mostly available as contemporary radiators, there are some in traditional styles. The best thing to do is have a look around the website or pop into the showrooom. We've got plenty on display and even more available to order.
So you want a new radiator but can't move your pipes?
We've all been there. You've got a nasty old radiator in a room you're about to do up. Immediate thoughts as a quick fix go to radiator covers. Don't go there. Honestly. Firstly, they're a false economy, costing up a couple hundred pounds for a made...