We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.
We have 150+ radiators on display. Call us 023 9269 6622 to make an appointment.

What's In A Name Like Designer Radiators?

Hi everyone,

A slightly off topic post that I wanted to talk about. In our rarefied industry, we are expected to market ourselves in a number of ways to architects, specifiers, plumbers and to the end user. The easiest method for us to get our wonderful products out in the public domain is via the internet, which on its surface is a very easy thing. You put your product up on web pages and hey presto, everyone sees them.

I wish things were that simple. Building webpages is a very small part of getting new products out there. Firstly, those new pages have to be on a website that is seen by people. Its obvious, but getting a website seen is not always an easy task. Not only does it have to be seen, it more specifically needs to be seen by the right people. So who are the right people and how do we get our stuff in front of them? Basically we use what is known in the world of Search Engine Optimisation as 'keywords' or 'keyphrases'. These come in myriad varieties and its all about what our customers are searching for.

The most common and obvious phrase for us would be 'radiators'. Or so you'd think... The thing is, we don't sell radiators in the normal sense. Pressed steel panel radiators are something we can easily obtain, but in all fairness, you'd be better served to ask your plumber to organise these for you as he will be able to buy them at the local plumber's merchant at the same price and you wouldn't have to fork out for carriage charges for us to ship them to you.

We specialise in 'Designer radiators'. Wooo! What is a designer radiator? In its simplest definition, its a radiator that's trendy, fashionable, painted in a fun or funky colour (actually, any colour other than white and sometimes, even white. Ha!), vertical radiators, stainless steel radiators, traditional radiators, cast iron radiators, and so on. The phrase Designer Radiators was coined years ago and donesn't really mean anything apart from 'not a normal radiator', but that's not quite as catchy. People use these phrases to search for radiators and we have to squeeze into the text on our pages all these words so you can find us. The very fact that you're here reading this is most likely because you typed something in to bring up a search engine (probably Google) result showing a link to a page on our website.

Many people know how all this works and from our side, we have all kinds of tools and programs to analyse who arrives on our website and how it all happens, but the reason I've written this post is because I'm interested in your feedback.

I'd like to ask you if you can send an email (don't worry, we don't harvest email addresses for spam purposes) to us with the word you typed into Google which brought you to us. If you've found this page and are willing to do that for us, we'll take £10 off any order you place with us over £200.00.

Please send to keywords@RadiatorShowroom.com We look forward to hearing from you.



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