Planning a visit? Please call 023 9269 6622.
Planning a visit? Please call 023 9269 6622.

It's All Over Now....

Sorry. Another song title, although I am talking about summer again. In truth, it probably isn't all over. We'll hopefully have a short seasonal blip at some point in September where people will be rushing to the sheds to pick up half price barbecues and garden furniture at get a few days use before the weather goes downhill and the lighting and heating go on.

Here at Radiator Showroom, this is a strange time of year. We've had a great summer with plenty of people boxing clever and having lovely new radiators fitted when they aren't using their heating system and when plumbers are on their slower period before what we call the "heating season" starts. This is when people switch on their central heating to find their boiler or pump has a problem. Plumbers are flat out during this time and often have long lead times to attend jobs.

This post is really a continuation of our last post. Now is a great time to take a look at your heating system by firing it up and testing it before the that time comes around and you need to switch it on for the first time to discover a problem. It really is worth flashing it on and making sure it works OK. If you need an installer and are based in the Portsmouth area. We have some details for some highly qualified Gas Safe accredited installers and we're happy to pass their details over.  

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