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As the weather starts to warm up and spring is in full swing, you may not think about your home's heating system. However, this is actually the best time to consider fitting new radiators. Late April and early May are the ideal months to replace your...
Yes, absolutely. We are often asked this question as people often want cast iron and steel multicolumn radiators, or column radiators and aluminium radiators in the bedrooms.Another thing to remember is cost. The radiators we offer are very pretty, but...
Aluminium are almost without exception high efficiency because they ordinarily have a core in the centre of a section or profile. This holds a small amount of water. The section is then joined together and air channels are created. This helps to create...
I was in the shop yesterday going through my spiel with a visitor and the efficiency question popped up as it always does. "Is this one efficient?". This question gets asked almost every time and I listened to myself answering this very important question....
Cutting to the chase, there are no such thing as designer radiators. Don't get me wrong, we have traded for many years as a business using this phrase, but in reality, what does it mean?The dictionary definition is as follows:made by a famous or fashionable designer: