Aluminium Radiators

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Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium has the advantage of being a very lightweight material with has incredible heat conducting properties. Most commomly used in Southern Europe, aluminium radiators have the advantage of being able to provide heat quickly to less commonly used areas such as conservatories and loft spaces efficiently and effectively. As a convector radiator, they really come into their own by having the additional advantage of creating a chimney effect within the radiator to maximise it's function. Many models within our range utilise this feature and as a result create high efficiency radiators with low water content which will allow for maximum comfort at low running cost for your central heating system. Adding to this the many feature radiators offered here, they can be used as a showpiece as well as a fully functioning addition to your existing home radiators. For more information, check out the models listed below or our blog post all about aluminium radiators and why we think they're so special.

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Aluminium Radiators - Why are they so good?

Aluminium radiators are quite a strange phenomenon on these shores. They're been around in Europe for decades, but they haven't been seen by us Brits, unless on our hols in southern Europe. Recently, they've started becoming more widespread in the UK. So what's making people switch from our ingrained ideal of the pressed steel panel radiator to something that looks so different?

As you probably know, aluminium as a material is incredibly lightweight, but many don't realise that its heat transference properties are tremendous. This makes aluminium a great choice to make radiators with.

Another benefit of aluminium radiators is  due to the great heat transfer, they don't need to hold a lot of water. This means you have less water in your heating system, which in turn means less water for your boiler to heat, which in turn means lower heating bills.

On the subject of heating bills, many people are looking into alternative and renewable energy. Aluminium radiators lend themselves to solar, ground source and air source heating due to the low water and heat transfer properties they possess and the fact that an aluminium radiator will transfer heat at lower temperatures than a pressed steel panel radiator.

From a production perspective, many aluminium radiators are modular in their design, consisting of die cast or extruded sections bolted together. This means you can buy sufficient sections for the space you want to heat and divide them according to the number of radiators you need without being stuck with the particular sizes offered by pressed steel panel radiators. You can also add to or remove individual sections as required so you have a far more flexible method of radiator layout.

Throw in the huge range of heights from 300mm to 2000mm and most in between and you have an amazing array of size options to provide heat to almost any space.