Aluminium Flat Top 1246 High

Product code: ALUFL12X3
£247.80 £309.74
DescriptionTotal SectionsHeight MMWidthWIDTH MMDepth MMWatts Δt50°c BTU's Δt50°c Pipe Centres From WallBore Centre'sWater Capacity
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 3 Sections312468026495654223167mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 4 Sections412468034495872297567mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 5 Sections5124680424951090371967mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 6 Sections6124680504951308446367mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 7 Sections7124680584951526520767mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 8 Sections8124680664951744595167mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 9 Sections9124680744951962669467mm-71mm12000.49
Aluminium Flat Top 1246 x 10 Sections10124680824952180743867mm-71mm12000.49

Technical & Service Details     
Section Width:80mm     
Section Depths:95mm     
Bush Width:      
2 Bushes20mm     
Maximum Operating Pressure:6 Bar     
Maximum Operating Temp:110°C     
Outputs:Shown at Delta T50 & Watts    
Certified:EN442 Compliant      
Colour Options:      
WhiteRAL 9010 (Powder Coat)   
RAL25 RAL Colours (Powder Coat)   
Special Finishes32 Special Finishes (Powder Coat)   
 Graphex (Powder Coat)    
Bushes4 x Open Bushes, 1 x Airvent, 1 x Blanking Plug   
Standard Bush Sizing1" 1/4 into 1/2"    
Standard ConnectionBottom Opposite End (BOE)    
Diverter SuppliedSupplied as requested    
Packaging & Delivery      
All Finishes      
Internal:Wrapped in Polythene   
Labelling:OEM Production Label only (unbranded)  
 Label details size, number of sections and colour  
Fittings Instructions:OEM Fitting Instructions only (unbranded)   
Delivery Costs:A carriage charge is applicable for Direct deliveries 
Delivery Times:      
Stock White3-5 Working Days     
RAL/Special Finish15 Working Days     
Code ALUFL12X3
Weight 10kg
Height 1246MM
Watts 3 W